A Good Ol’ Natter

I revisited an old memory of mine, which I wished to share with you.

A few houses ago, yes it’s bad that I am able to say that, I used to be a weee weeeee lad. So weee that I used to do some of the stupidest things which nowadays would just make me start thinking over the entirety of my life. I assume you’re familiar with all of the things you keep in your bathroom, such as your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shower gel, tomato sauce, mouthwash and toothpaste. Well, whenever the container they were in were nearly empty, I would take them and stash them all in my room (my mother was aware I did this, it wasn’t a secret) and wait for me to have collected a large quantity of them. Of course, I could have just taken full bottles, but I was a good child, so the ones I took were typically under half… maybe… Eventually, I would have built up so many different items where I was ready to do the next step. I would take a bowl and empty all of the containers into it. It doesn’t sound pretty, but it used to be a lot more fun than it seems. It was like I was some wizard conjuring and mixing this magnificent concoction which always used to end up looking like Angel Delight. Literally every time. I remember enjoying it also because it had a smell which was very significant to just that, in the way that I love the smell of Petrol, as it doesn’t smell like other things, whereas all flowers smell the same, let’s not lie to ourselves. Now that I think of it though, I probably shouldn’t have spent all my time smelling it. That might have been the cause of many existing problems now that I think about it. Oh no.

Let’s pretend this never happened.


Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :

Normally I’d Scream, But It’s Very Late

So I’m going to do just that.


And as such, my scream has ended. Thank you for witnessing it.


So, why am I screaming?

It’s because my comments have a spam filter, and I’ve only just realised that not a single comment has been able to get through it. I am so sorry, and I’m going to say a quick thing.

Thank you for being so nice, you all really are. I started this blog not expecting anyone other than my future self to read it, and I’ve already beaten that goal. You’re amazing.

Some people have asked how I made this blog? I picked a theme I liked. I haven’t paid for anything, this blog was completely free to make, and as such I am sure that you can do just as well, if not better. I’d give you tips, but I have no idea whatsoever. I just hit the buttons and went for a grey colour scheme because grey goes well with every colour. The red was because my name is Ruby, so I guess you could pick things that are personal? I’ve seen people use the colour yellow because it is a colour which makes you happy. I’ve seen food blogs which are orange because that colour makes you hungry. I mean, have you seen Nando’s? Everything is orange, but it isn’t at the same time. It must be orange tinted lights or something, since everything is seemingly made out of wood. It’s quite something. Something I don’t do is use pictures very often, it at all. Try that out! That’s the best way to make it personal. The blog doesn’t need to look pretty, it just needs to represent you! Go nuts! Be unique! If you’re interesting in some way then make your blog also interesting in some way! Try spamming exclamation marks, that seems to work for some people! Flick through thousands of blog sites if you have to until certain things from each of them start to stand out to you, maybe you’ll find something that even I missed. But, most importantly, just get a move on! Having a blog which you think looks bad shouldn’t stop you from posting, just go post! Worry about how it looks later. Most people don’t write the title of their post until they finish writing their adventure. Even then, if you don’t know what to write, then there are thousands of places you can go! Just type into Tumblr “writing prompt” and you’ll be off in no time! I always save any ideas that come to me as drafts on here so that I don’t ever open up WordPress and have to stare at it for ages wondering what to write. Perhaps spend a couple of minutes writing down as many ideas as you can. You could even use a random number generator to pick through your drafts, I’ve done that before. Alright… granted I ignored what number they said and chose a draft myself but it’s still possible! Just… I don’t know! Get a move on!

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :