You enter the door seemingly carved into the trees spine…


Is anyone…? Um. Oh?

Is… is that? Oh, greetings! I wasn’t sure if you were actually here or not. Gosh, look how small you are, indeed. Oh no no! J don’t mean like that, of course… I mean in comparison to, well, everything! Just look around you; look outside; look up into the sky. Can’t you see? Don’t you get it? It’s not important anyway, noone ever really gets it. 

So tell me! How are you? We hardly speak nor see eachother anymore, granted that’s my fault… Well go on, tell me how you’ve been feeling recen- uh. That’s… You’re thinking of a problem aren’t you. You know, I really couldn’t give a toss. Not in a mean way, mind, just… You’re so bloody small! I hope to God you get that someday since its not like this ‘being this tiny thing in such a large universe’ concept is an incredibly commonly used anecdote or anything. I’m not surprised you don’t really care about it. Noone ever does at first. Well, the first few times you start having visions of your perfect future all because you feel as though your mind has been split open and filled with knowledge, but that never lasts more than an hour. You’ve just got to be feisty about it. Just stick your fingers up and yell “Fuck you problems!” 

Well, actually you probably shouldnt. There’s most likely people within earshot. And don’t be that smartass who is all “but people being within earshot is a problem which means I should do it. Muewww mueeewwww mueeeeeewwwwwwww”. You know what problems I’m talking about you tit. You’re hardlylistening to me because you wish you had a lollipop. Though, a lolly would be pretty dapper right around now. Would a lolly taste better if it had ketchup on it? Oh no no no why would I think of that, Jesus’s nipple tassels, that’s horrible! Now that’s a problem I can happily say ‘fuck off’ to. 

So anyway, what brings you here?

Oh. I’m all out of heroine, but I can throw in a free taster session of some cocaine if you buy this tin of cannabis.

Your Hands…

…put them out in front of you. Make sure your palms are facing towards you, and your fingers are spread. On your left hand only, join your smallest finger and your ring finger, so that those are the only fingers which are touching. Place these two fingers in between the smallest finger and ring finger of your right hand, so that your smallest finger on your right hand is in front, and your ring finger is behind the pair, and then locking them in place by closing your right hand’s ring and middle fingers on top of them. Take the index finger of your right hand, and place it underneath your left hand’s ring finger, so that it is touching both your left hand’s ring and smallest fingers. Making sure the smallest finger of your right hand is stretched outwards still, place the middle finger from your left hand on top of it, and your left hands index finger underneath it. With both hands, join the index finger with the thumb of the same hand, and make all four parts touch in the middle, rotating your hands inwards.

This helps me sometimes; maybe it will help you.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :