I Watched a Movie…

Probably a weird way to start this off but hey ho, it loops back around to the title eventually.

When my parents split up, though they are back together now, I used to spend every other weekend with my father. For most, this was probably a negative thing as there is typically one side of the family which you tend to lean towards more than the other, and after a while maybe you wish not to do this routine anymore, but nonetheless I enjoyed it, always looked forward to it and never regretted it. No, I’m not just saying that because my parents are together now… as they are never going to read this. Probably.

When I went to my fathers for the weekend, we used to go to a club lots, and basically drink until we were asked to leave. So, as a result of this, every night this happened, I would have to wander with my father back to our house, though it was always weirdly nice. Partly because he used to tell me their secrets and such, but let’s ignore that. It was during those times that I learnt to appreciate how things looked at night, how we were able to communicate thoughts through a simple glance, I learnt the phonetic alphabet, how to not get caught peeing in a bush… There was this one time, though. I believe we were discussing movies in general, though he said to me to not watch a certain movie. That it was a movie that really got to him every time and made them emotionally swell up. He told me never to watch it until, quite bluntly, he had died. I assume he doesn’t remember the conversation at all, or most of our conversations for that matter. Me being the immature person I was at the time decided to watch the movie without them.

It’s a good movie.

So I decided for some reason to watch the movie again today, as I couldn’t entirely remember it from that one time that I watched it. I make it sound like I’m going against his wishes, but believe me when I say he was drunk.

So, the movie is called Seven Pounds. You probably haven’t heard of it, it’s one of Will Smith’s less known titles, especially when people constantly confuse it with The Pursuit of Happyness. If you’re into sad stuff, for some weird reason, then go nuts and watch it.


: : Huge Spoiler Warning : :

The movie itself is called ‘Seven Pounds’ as a reference to ‘The Merchant of Venice’, by Shakespeare, in which someone must pay a pound of flesh when in debt. So, because of this, it shows that Will Smith’s character is in debt to seven people. Why seven? Well, that’s because the main character is the cause of a life-altering event, which cost seven people their lives, and so the movie is focused around the character helping seven people to make up for this (though this isn’t found out until the end of the movie). In order to help these seven new people, he dabbles in some illegal affairs, such as impersonation etc. The way in which he finally helps these people though is real ball kicker. The movie starts with Will’s character (Tim, though impersonated under the name of ‘Ben’) literally calling for an ambulance, for the suicide they are about to commit. It is then shown throughout the story of the movie what led him to this. The reason is because each of the seven people all needed something physical replaced, such as Tim’s brother’s lung, or Emily Posa’s heart. He commits suicide so that they can each get these pieces from him, and in return he can help pay his debt to the seven people he unintentionally killed in a car accident.


I’m not sure why my dad felt so connected with it, and to be honest it kind of worries me sometimes. I don’t like the movie, not because it’s poorly made, or it’s a bad story, I mean it as in it makes me incredibly sad, but I feel bad to say that I’m weirdly connected to it now.


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Poking the Void


I went to work for the first time today, which is a positive note among today’s society I assume. That’s not me saying I’ve always had a job but just never gone, that’s me saying I have obtained my first job and went to it today. Surprisingly, all in all, it went pretty swell!

Here’s a tubby picture of me to laugh at. Feel free to photoshop to your heart’s content.

Fun fact! That is a Gyazo screenshot of a Gyazo screenshot of the original image file which I saved to my phone’s camera by copying it from Snapchat. This was mostly because I didn’t want the words “I like your nip” to be on there from the original Snapchat picture… Fact! Fun facts are more mischievous than fun. Starting to hate pictures of me less, probably thanks to filters though >.>


I poked some flowers and sorted them to look pretty long story short ^-^

You need to buy the DLC to get the long story.


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Weird Thought

If you held your phone to your face on your front facing camera, and you are sat in darkness, then the camera is only going to see darkness and make nothing of it. If you held a light to your face momentarily whilst doing this, then the camera will be able to see the light on your face. When you remove this external light source, your face will continue to be lit up due to the screen of your phone now giving off light. Though both of these scenarios end up having the same conditions, they  both have different outcomes 

Filling a computer with sequins isn’t bad, right?

So, as I do every few months, I just finished de-dusting my computer out, and believe me when I tell you that I can’t stop coughing now. I probably shouldn’t have done it so late at night, especially when I only have one tiny window open and I’m about to go to bed. I can’t even take a drink from my LEGO mug because the dust beat me to that as well.

I’m an idiot.

I really wish that there was a way to stop this from happening. I’m genuinely tempted to just hang every internal piece of hardware on my wall and not have a case. Also, as stupid as that sounds, Google it, it’s possible. People have even stuck their hardware inside of a fish tank, after covering it in some kind of weird plastic thing or something, and they actually have fish swimming around all of their computer components. Granted, I’m unlikely to do that, but what I do have is a lot of Pritt Stick and a neat little bag of assorted sequins…

I Deja You Too

Firstly, don’t get annoyed because I spelt deja vu without the fancy letters. I’m on my phone, in bed, at 3am; cut me some slack. 

On Saturday I had one of my best friends come around for what is now known as ‘Pizza Saturday’, which says a lot about my rich choice in foods. When we were dropping them off later, though, I had a weird episode of Deja Vu in the car. I’ve always had weird experiences with this kind of thing, and I don’t even know if it is Deja Vu, maybe it is something else, but whenever it happens I normally either end up talking about having Deja vu inside of my Deja vu, or I leave some kind of message for myself. So, when I was sat in the car, I had the episode and I had a message…

“You have no idea how lucky you are. Youre friends with the planets best person. You better love this person until the end of time, and never lose them”

I then starTed thinking about pirates in the Deja vu for some reason, but I hope you get the idea.

Thanks Odd

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A Theory in Theories about Theories being Theories

Also… Car Theory Test! I went for my test today, and I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t get kicked out.

First of all, no, I didn’t pass it. It’s my first time so I wasn’t exactly expecting to, and as such it doesn’t bother me.

Secondly, they make you strip everything. They basically give you a little locker in which you put your phone (turned off), anything from your arms (watches/bands), anything with pockets where taking them off wouldn’t cause your private doo-doo parts to show (jumper/jacket/coat etc) and everything from your pants pockets apart from your license. The shirt I was wearing, though, was covered in loads of quotes from Rooster Teeth, and as such with them being of completely random topics, the staff had to read every single one of them and make smart cracks about them all… Yup. Thankfully, they didn’t make me take my pants off for having pockets in, which would have been awkward enough as it is to have been sat there pantless in front of a computer with moisturiser and earbuds on it. They didn’t make me take my shirt off either, which would have been a different scene altogether…

Then, when I was doing the Hazard Perception test, it was all 3d modelled, which I wasn’t expecting. So, when a load of weirdly modelled faces peeked from behind the back of a bus, I couldn’t help but laugh at them instead of clicking the mouse like I was supposed to. Somehow, I passed this part of the test, despite what the sheep looked like… At least you could tell they were sheep, it’s just that they were galloping across the road.

But yeah! I failed, and I don’t care. I probably shouldn’t rub the fact that I don’t care in people’s faces given that there were lots of door slamming when people left the room from the waiting area with their results, but I’m excited for next time. I also saw some people while I was there and it was nice and I love ^-^

Oh! Also! I had exams at the start of this week. Those were a thing! Yes! I should tell you! So, on Monday I had Computing, and since we marked them in lesson, I know that I’ve already gotten an A. Later that day we had Graphics, which was basically a normal lesson with an extended time, though at the end we had to hang something up under our pin on the wall so that it could be examined by Friday.

I made it in the first 15 minutes of the 2-hour session; it’s horrible and cringy yet I love it. To be fair, I spent the rest of the lesson on my phone.

On Tuesday I had Maths, though everyone did bad in Maths, so I don’t really mind that I did bad also. I also got a shelf and I threw a load of stuff on it.

There… There are much worse addictions than Rubik’s Cubes… Don’t judge…

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Leaky Clouds

See it’s funny because this has nothing to do with clouds.

My toilet is broken. There’s your relevence to the title.


Okay. Maybe I just liked that title and quickly scrambled around my mind to find an excuse to use it.

Alright. Shut up. I see you judging me. It’s been a while, I have nothing else to post. I’ve been revising loads for next week, given that I have an exam for each of my A-Levels, along with my driving theory. Should be fun!

Sorry for the short post, I really need to savour my time.

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Staring at Robins

I learnt something today, and it’s sticking with me.

It is commonly thought that whenever you see a Robin, it is actually someone who has passed on, looking over you. This is meant in a positive way, mind.

The reason I bring this up is because me and my mother saw a Robin in my garden earlier, shortly after I realised how horrible tea was and spat it out everywhere. My mother has always had robins on everything, especially around Christmas since they’re always seen on cards etc, though we have robins on cushions and I’m fairly certain in pictures. She told me this, and she said that herself and her mother used to always love robins, because they thought it was my mother’s father looking over them both. Naturally, this warmed my heart.


: : SAD WARNING – If you stop reading here, then thanks for reading what you did ❤ : :

My mum left the room, and I stayed there filling up my mug with Pepsi instead of tea this time, after which I looked out the window again. The robin was still standing on the table. I never said anything, though I noticed that the robin was staring at me and not my mother previously, and it was still staring at me now.

Now, there’s very few people who I know that have unfortunately passed, so instead of being bias towards thinking it could have been one person, if it even was true, I had a moment to talk to all of them. What’s next is kind of personal to me, so don’t feel obligated to read it.

My Grandmother :: I said that I wanted to have spent more time with you, just as my brother had done. This isn’t me saying I’m jealous, as I said that I was happy that he had the opportunity to.

Nina :: I said that I still thought of them every day. I thanked them for all of the memories, and wished that we could have made more. I apologised for me having stopped talking to them, and us becoming distant.

Amy :: I apologised for doing what I did, along with some other things. I still thanked them for what we did together, and that I missed them.

Someone I don’t want to talk about, though not because of bad things.

Storm :: Storm was the name of my labrador whilst I was growing up. This was mostly me thanking them for memories once again, and that I missed them.

At this point, I was quite amazed that the robin was still staring at me, and hadn’t flown off. It felt rude to leave, so I stayed for a few moments until it flew away.

It was a nice part of my day, so I thanked the robin itself in general.

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Ostensibly Preposterous

Around 8 million lightning strikes happened that day.

Around 728,000,000,000,000 heart beats across the globe that day.

Around 21,000,000,000 kisses will be passed that day.

Around two people sat on that bench under their favourite tree, sharing the same pair of earphones that day.

Coincidentally, those two people stayed there for hours in each other’s arms, not realising that the music they were listening to had repeated many a time. Neither of them wanted to leave the others side, so they stayed there for hours, staring out over the still water ahead of them. People who walked past would smile at them, though they enjoyed seeing their love for one another be shown publically, without fear. The people who walked past, they didn’t smile at them for anything else. They didn’t know that the two of them were going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro together to get married, or that they would some day both provide great leaps in cancer research, or that they would at some point create the child who makes the world’s most popular and loved phone. They just knew that they were in love, and that’s all that was needed for the world to smile

Luella “Looly” Reeves

Name: Luella “Looly” Reeves


Age: 20

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5’7″

Hair Colour: Dark Brown, Blonde Highlights, Rare Purple Strands

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin Colour: White

Primary Hand: Right

Occupation: Looly’s Pet Shop – Owner

Likes: Rain, Umbrellas, Hoodies, Puzzles, Magic, Dancing, Bracelets, Drawing, Writing, Sculpting, Mathematics, Electro Swing

Dislikes: Philosophy, Swimming, Spiders, Calligraphy, Science, People who ask about her likes and/or dislikes

Medical Notes: Parents brought her into hospital at the age of 5 due to a broken toe. They were sent home and told to let it heal naturally. Their family refused to maintain contact with public hospitals from here on and went private. **No Private Records Found**


Looly is one of many people who chose to leave their family, friends and home after the data leak which occurred when they were 17. Their family were provided with every single piece of data which was recorded on Looly and because of this, they decided it was best for everyone to leave. Out of respect for their decision, no data will be repeated here. Since they left, their father left their home to join the EDS (Earth Defence Sector), as their mother was robbed and murdered three months after Looly left. All that they took upon leaving was spare clothes, an umbrella and a cat poster titles “HANG IN THERE!”, due to it having all of their passwords written on the back, though they left behind a note for their parents to read.

Since leaving, they started working in small family run businesses wherever she was allowed to, slowly travelling further and further away from her hometown of Bormire. Upon saving up enough money, her, along with her current roommate Myer Richards, opened up a pet store together, which has been running for three months at the time of writing this. Her current financial condition is ‘stable’.

Looly’s commitment to Myer Richards has always been seen as ‘uncommon’. Though she has been quoted to want to spend the remainder of her life with Myer, she is incapable of being in love with anybody, though not due to lack of trying, something which Myer is aware of and has learnt to accept, even though they have also been quoted to be in love with Luella. Her lack of ability to love something has always been an emotional blockade in her life, causing elevated stress through the majority of her life decisions. It has been hinted that the data her parents received has relevance to this.

Their father refuses to comment about Luella, though it is noteworthy that they refused to say her first name alongside ‘Reeves’.