Waking up to your body being crunched up on a tiny back-breaking sofa isn’t the best of ways to start this day. I also really can’t move given the amount that I’ve tucked myself in… 

I think my mother is starting to slowly realise what I’ve been doing lately. Lately being the past few months. She’s starting to despise me doing certain things along with attempting to prevent those things or make this dream alternative of hers happen. Sorry for the vagueness. 

You know how sad people might buy themselves a birthday card etc, I sorta feel like buying myself a get well soon card. Mainly so I have an excuse for getting a balloon though, to be honest.

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Cupid Ricocheted

Cool title, huh? Damn fucking right. It’s 4:30am and im just a lil intoxicated and I felt like drunk I’ll hitting my screen to make some words since noone is online.

I’ve got, like, lots of voices in my head. Not just now or because I’m tipsy but cause of just stuff recently. It’s kinda weird, you expect voices in your head to sound like you or at least resemble you in some way but yer most of are different entirely and woo wee. I’d bloody kill for some chips right now. See that? Drunk and still keeping it pg. Take that Lee Evans. I don’t even get that; my mum used to say you swear too much and yet I never minded. Got a semi colon man. Dno if I used it right but I do better English when like this lol

Dreams are pretty fucked up too lad. Mine are all like suicidey or torturey, and those are just the good ones. Nah but seriously I’ve not had a morning where I’ve woken up without sweating and kicking around and being happy. I have a prevention for this couse, it’s call being awake at 4am. Take that future me! You fuck. Oh shit I swore. I don’t even know why u don’t swear so fuck it. Fucking cum bubble licking nipple clamp teasing mouth explorer anus tickler little shite. 

Fuck you. Nah I love you though, you non sentient over heating phone. You’re fukin great. 

You hurt my brain though. Why you have to be made up of logic gates and not something simple like gummy bears. Ugh. 

Shit I need to sleep. Don’t tell the world I was up so late phoney roo
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Weird Thought

If you held your phone to your face on your front facing camera, and you are sat in darkness, then the camera is only going to see darkness and make nothing of it. If you held a light to your face momentarily whilst doing this, then the camera will be able to see the light on your face. When you remove this external light source, your face will continue to be lit up due to the screen of your phone now giving off light. Though both of these scenarios end up having the same conditions, they  both have different outcomes