Remember that job I said I had? Well, that’s gone already.

When it came down to it, I would have been making less than minimum wage, and missing out on seeing someone who I would have probably quit any job for. I still feel bad, though. It’s fairly rare to see people proud of me, so I take what I can get. My mother was really happy, my aunt bought me some shoes to celebrate (she’s a clothes person, don’t ask), my cousin came around and congratulated me, my brother seemed happy about it too and… Yeah.

It’s starting to build up again, though.

Earlier today in Graphics, my teacher came to me doing their usual “Oh, so let’s see how far you’ve gotten even though I already know you’ve done absolutely nothing so I’m going to antagonise you about it” and swinging weirdly happily over to me, and I guess I sort of amazed them a bit, as this was on my screen.


No-one had questioned why it was there, as everyone had assumed that it was just some artist research I was doing, though little did anyone realise that along with this image I had the entire process of how I made it, where I explained all the different programs I used, and how I was able to make all of it. By the time I was done, everyone in the class had basically gathered around my computer looking at my screen.

In total, this is around 20-30 hours work maybe, given that I had to learn how to use the majority of the software within that time, along with experiment with ways in which to convert or display or whatever. I struggle to have an opinion on stuff, but some people like Charlotte and Joe and whoever were effectively saying that it was insanely professional and that alone basically guaranteed me a great mark if I carried on using it for my final poster.

When my cousin saw an earlier product than this, he was still amazed, given that he had shown me how to use it literally the day before and I had already modelled so much stuff with it, though granted I was up for most of the night doing that when I probably shouldn’t have been.

If I had to form an opinion on it, though, I would probably just say “yay”. It made people be amazed and happy, and it made me happy that I impressed them. T’was nice.

Besides from that, though, I am doing really bad in Graphics, as this is really only one poster out of three, no matter how good it looks. I’ve been in a horrible mood all week alongside this, for some personal reasons and such. The job thing certainly doesn’t help. Today I just feel pissed off. Partly the reason I am writing this is to make me try and feel better I suppose. Tomorrow, I’m going to feel even worse. It’s all just so uuuuuuuuuuugh.

But from an outsiders point of view, I guess I’m pretty fine. I’m really happy with how my Graphics poster is going along, even if there are two more I need to do.

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The More You Know

Earlier today, I was under the impression that I was going to have to struggle to come up with an idea for a blog post, but something happened and I want you to know about it.

After walking out of College, I had originally planned to do a post called “Let’s go for a walk…”, and I was going to effectively write a blog post between the time it took me to get from my school to my car. That has since been deleted, and I am happy to say this is its replacement. To be honest, it was an awful post and as such I probably wouldn’t have put it up anyway. I walked for a bit, complained about how cold it was and that my arms were covered in ink so I couldn’t roll my sleeves down, talked about how a bike drove into a car and I checked to see if they were okay and then I arrived at Sainsbury’s.

So, when I was in Sainsbury’s I was looking for some coloured pens so that I could make some pretty and colourful mindmaps inside of my sketchbook. This was when one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met came up to me. A person of roughly the equivalent height to me (around 6ft), wearing a long blue raincoat, came up to me and they placed a walking stick against the isle. He passed me a piece of paper, and it read, as I recall “Hello, my name is Angus and I have suffered from a stroke, stopping me from being able to move my right arm or talk properly. Me showing you this cutout is my own way of introducing myself to you”. Naturally, I instantly became friendly, saying that it was lovely to meet them, shaking their hand and being all around nice. He turned over the paper, and it was a cutout from a newspaper, which he passed over to me so that I could read it. I’m not going to recite the entire newspaper to you, but I just wanted to talk to you about how cool Angus Igwe is.

Angus had the stroke when he was 54, causing no use in their right arm, weakening their right leg and limiting his speech to simply ‘yes’ and ‘no’. After rehabilitating themselves for around five years, he joined the Basingstoke Stroke Group from where he had started to delve into the world of art. Now, he paints on a daily basis, using his left hand instead. The newspaper cutout was about the Life After Stroke Awards Ceremony, and how Angus, at 60, won an award.

For those of you interested, here is a video!

After reading the cutout, I congratulated him instantly, and allowed for a smile to beam across his face as he said “Shhhh” to me. He was honestly one of the happiest people I have ever seen in my life, and he has certainly made my life a little brighter. I doubt you are reading this, let alone if you remember me, but if you are then it was lovely to meet you!

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“The Earth is my Pantaloon”

This is a quote from one of the pieces of coursework I did for my GCSE Art.

It always bothered me that when creating artwork for school, we were told to constantly follow other artists. This was always something which was pushed heavily. Typically, you start off with multiple ideas, and when you create those you need to have already linked artists to each of your ideas, and as such, it always turned into everyone copying what the artist was doing. We were told to copy their styles, try and recreate their pieces of work, try and recreate our own work in their styles… We were copying artists so much that we never actually stopped to think about ourselves. What is your style? Why did you choose this idea over the others? Because we never thought of ourselves, none of the art pieces ever felt personal. Nothing was ever related to the artist who made the work, unlike the artists in which we had to copy from.

I realised this towards the end of Art GCSE, how none of the work was actually my own. Everything was a combination of other artists, and never once linked to my own personal preferences. “It’s not about how it looks, it’s about the techniques you use” was one of my favourites, since it is clear that any artist such as Van Gogh only cared about using lots of techniques, instead of creating art in which he found appealing. In case you didn’t catch that last bit, it was sarcasm. The Starry Night wasn’t created because he wanted to show how well he could use heavy brush strokes in his work, it was created as it was the way he saw the stars whenever he looked up at night.

My teacher told me not to put any text on my work, as it would draw away from the rest of it and ruin it. The piece was a man walking down an overgrown street in a dystopian wasteland, and I wanted a small amount of graffiti on the wall which simply said “The Earth is my Pantaloon”. A pantaloon was how Shakespeare used to refer an old man as, and not only that, but a crazed dying old man, which I thought would be a great way to describe the world during an apocalyptic time.

I was never a fan of that piece of work. My teacher made me use an ink pen to shade, and it took the original “lack of colour” idea of the area away. It took away what I was trying to portray, and as such this small piece of graffiti was the only way in which I could continue to capture this idea. Though, she advised me not to, I did it anyway, and I used watercolour to shade it in, allowing for the little amount of colour to help make it stand out. My teacher told me that because I did that, I went from a B to a C.

My teacher told me that because I did that, I went from a B to a C. The art teacher who taught the other class told me it was worth it.

I’m happy I did that, I don’t care about the grade. It was my art, not the examiners.

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Etsy Auditore da Firenze

Whenever I happen to be confronted with a website like Etsy, I can easily find myself lost for hours upon hours. Not that I am complaining, of course, as some of the stuff you can find on there is truly amazing.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Steampunk, and as such it is something that seems to hold common place. Well, not specifically Steampunk, but the entire Victorian era (so not necessarily ships flying around everywhere, but maybe some person in an overly sized dress resting tea on their bahonkas). I’ve always wanted one of my walls to be completely covered in gears. Whether they moved or not I wouldn’t mind too much, though I’m not going to say no if they do. From there, I would link everything I do up to that wall. I could set an alarm clock to it, so that the turning gears wake me up in the morning. I could hang clothes off of gears and watch as they spun around in circles. I could get my hand caught in it and crush it completely. Preferably not the last one but it’d make a good story (and allow for me to promote this blog to them, because who can say no to forced promotion?). Someone who I know even used to collect gas masks when they were younger, from which I picture an entire wall dedicated to those also. Granted, someone not knowing the theme of their bedroom would naturally be horrified when walking into their bedroom should this wall of gas masks ever become true, but none the less it was a thing they collected. I believe they even got a pocket watch for Christmas, with which I am completely jealous.

I decided to type ‘steampunk’ into Etsy. Yes, believe it or not, that starter paragraph actually had something to do with this post, and wasn’t a quick advert. I’ve nothing really to say about what I found, other than “please buy me all of them”, so I’ll just show you everything that I found.

Glass Globe Pendant Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Glass Dome Globe Steampunk Terrarium Statement Necklace Watch Parts in Glass Bubble Pendant

Alice in Wonderland Steampunk pocket watch key pendant charm necklace locket

Steampunk book pendant in polymer clay,miniatures,steampunk ,sculptures in polymer clay,gift for Christmas

steampunk owl

Steampunk clay covered wooden trinket box. Hand made

Black Steampunk Pegasus Automata

techno steampunk teapot sculpture

Unique Steampunk Clockwork Fly/Insect Lightbulb Sculpture

Clock Mechanism 15 Sculptural Steampunk Project

DEAL 3 Steampunk cog Christmas bauble, tree ornament, steampunk ornament, copper tree decoration, christmas ornament, christmas decoration

Steampunk Festival Bespoke Victorian Goth Brown Wool/Felt Top Hat Aviator Goggles Clocks Time Skeleton Wings Keys Burning Man Cosplay

Steampunk Fascinator, Steampunk Headband, Steampunk Hat, Fascinator, Steampunk Wedding, Airship, Dirigible, Zeppelin, Pirate, Gothic Lolita

MDF Steampunk Style Fish Build It Yourself Kit

You should probably just spend a few minutes looking around on Etsy for stuff you are interested in. I’m not telling you to buy anything, as chances are that I will never look at the above images again. It’s still nice to spark your imagination and see something beautiful.

Thanks for reading

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