Poking the Void


I went to work for the first time today, which is a positive note among today’s society I assume. That’s not me saying I’ve always had a job but just never gone, that’s me saying I have obtained my first job and went to it today. Surprisingly, all in all, it went pretty swell!

Here’s a tubby picture of me to laugh at. Feel free to photoshop to your heart’s content.

Fun fact! That is a Gyazo screenshot of a Gyazo screenshot of the original image file which I saved to my phone’s camera by copying it from Snapchat. This was mostly because I didn’t want the words “I like your nip” to be on there from the original Snapchat picture… Fact! Fun facts are more mischievous than fun. Starting to hate pictures of me less, probably thanks to filters though >.>


I poked some flowers and sorted them to look pretty long story short ^-^

You need to buy the DLC to get the long story.


Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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