Staring at Robins

I learnt something today, and it’s sticking with me.

It is commonly thought that whenever you see a Robin, it is actually someone who has passed on, looking over you. This is meant in a positive way, mind.

The reason I bring this up is because me and my mother saw a Robin in my garden earlier, shortly after I realised how horrible tea was and spat it out everywhere. My mother has always had robins on everything, especially around Christmas since they’re always seen on cards etc, though we have robins on cushions and I’m fairly certain in pictures. She told me this, and she said that herself and her mother used to always love robins, because they thought it was my mother’s father looking over them both. Naturally, this warmed my heart.


: : SAD WARNING – If you stop reading here, then thanks for reading what you did ❤ : :

My mum left the room, and I stayed there filling up my mug with Pepsi instead of tea this time, after which I looked out the window again. The robin was still standing on the table. I never said anything, though I noticed that the robin was staring at me and not my mother previously, and it was still staring at me now.

Now, there’s very few people who I know that have unfortunately passed, so instead of being bias towards thinking it could have been one person, if it even was true, I had a moment to talk to all of them. What’s next is kind of personal to me, so don’t feel obligated to read it.

My Grandmother :: I said that I wanted to have spent more time with you, just as my brother had done. This isn’t me saying I’m jealous, as I said that I was happy that he had the opportunity to.

Nina :: I said that I still thought of them every day. I thanked them for all of the memories, and wished that we could have made more. I apologised for me having stopped talking to them, and us becoming distant.

Amy :: I apologised for doing what I did, along with some other things. I still thanked them for what we did together, and that I missed them.

Someone I don’t want to talk about, though not because of bad things.

Storm :: Storm was the name of my labrador whilst I was growing up. This was mostly me thanking them for memories once again, and that I missed them.

At this point, I was quite amazed that the robin was still staring at me, and hadn’t flown off. It felt rude to leave, so I stayed for a few moments until it flew away.

It was a nice part of my day, so I thanked the robin itself in general.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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