Ostensibly Preposterous

Around 8 million lightning strikes happened that day.

Around 728,000,000,000,000 heart beats across the globe that day.

Around 21,000,000,000 kisses will be passed that day.

Around two people sat on that bench under their favourite tree, sharing the same pair of earphones that day.

Coincidentally, those two people stayed there for hours in each other’s arms, not realising that the music they were listening to had repeated many a time. Neither of them wanted to leave the others side, so they stayed there for hours, staring out over the still water ahead of them. People who walked past would smile at them, though they enjoyed seeing their love for one another be shown publically, without fear. The people who walked past, they didn’t smile at them for anything else. They didn’t know that the two of them were going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro together to get married, or that they would some day both provide great leaps in cancer research, or that they would at some point create the child who makes the world’s most popular and loved phone. They just knew that they were in love, and that’s all that was needed for the world to smile


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