Luella “Looly” Reeves

Name: Luella “Looly” Reeves


Age: 20

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5’7″

Hair Colour: Dark Brown, Blonde Highlights, Rare Purple Strands

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin Colour: White

Primary Hand: Right

Occupation: Looly’s Pet Shop – Owner

Likes: Rain, Umbrellas, Hoodies, Puzzles, Magic, Dancing, Bracelets, Drawing, Writing, Sculpting, Mathematics, Electro Swing

Dislikes: Philosophy, Swimming, Spiders, Calligraphy, Science, People who ask about her likes and/or dislikes

Medical Notes: Parents brought her into hospital at the age of 5 due to a broken toe. They were sent home and told to let it heal naturally. Their family refused to maintain contact with public hospitals from here on and went private. **No Private Records Found**


Looly is one of many people who chose to leave their family, friends and home after the data leak which occurred when they were 17. Their family were provided with every single piece of data which was recorded on Looly and because of this, they decided it was best for everyone to leave. Out of respect for their decision, no data will be repeated here. Since they left, their father left their home to join the EDS (Earth Defence Sector), as their mother was robbed and murdered three months after Looly left. All that they took upon leaving was spare clothes, an umbrella and a cat poster titles “HANG IN THERE!”, due to it having all of their passwords written on the back, though they left behind a note for their parents to read.

Since leaving, they started working in small family run businesses wherever she was allowed to, slowly travelling further and further away from her hometown of Bormire. Upon saving up enough money, her, along with her current roommate Myer Richards, opened up a pet store together, which has been running for three months at the time of writing this. Her current financial condition is ‘stable’.

Looly’s commitment to Myer Richards has always been seen as ‘uncommon’. Though she has been quoted to want to spend the remainder of her life with Myer, she is incapable of being in love with anybody, though not due to lack of trying, something which Myer is aware of and has learnt to accept, even though they have also been quoted to be in love with Luella. Her lack of ability to love something has always been an emotional blockade in her life, causing elevated stress through the majority of her life decisions. It has been hinted that the data her parents received has relevance to this.

Their father refuses to comment about Luella, though it is noteworthy that they refused to say her first name alongside ‘Reeves’.


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