The Sides of the Road

I’ve started a new game to play in the mornings when I’m driving to College.

You see, where I live, it isn’t particularly pretty, though there is a small pleasure in this which I have been able to form.

Every morning from now on, I look at all the litter on the sides of my road. Granted, the majority of this for me is fag butts and crisp packets, though perhaps that might give me an advantage over you should you ever try to do this. By the way, litter could even be a sofa that someone has thrown onto the side of the road and dumped, or even what you can see surrounding someone’s bins.

You then have to picture an empty house. Entirely empty, mind, besides walls and floors and, depending if you’re picturing an apartment or an actual house, stairs. You now have to fill your house with the litter that you find. Yup.

I always typically find a tyre somewhere, which I am able to position on the wall as a sort of swing, representative of a chair. Perhaps I find enough pizza boxes to make a table out of them. Maybe I decide to use all of the cigarettes that I find to make an outline for a  path leading up to the house. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done, this game, but part of me loves it. I’m not sure why.

People don’t count as litter, though. You can’t throw any person you find inside of your house. Believe me, I know.

Eventually, you will probably end up having one of the most amazing houses that you could be aware of, completely recycled. Maybe it will inspire you to make things out of your own rubbish, like those weird craft videos on Facebook which use the weirdest, most irrelevant things to make other things which are supposed to be useful. Yes! Those ones!

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :



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