Myer “Frames” Richards

Name: Myer “Frames” Richards

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Blood Type: B-

Height: 6’1″

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Grey

Skin Colour: Grey

Primary Hand: Right

Occupation: Unemployed

Likes: Electro-Swing, Tom Rosenthal, T3RA, Dystopian Novels, Caffeine

Dislikes: Foxes, Confrontation, Things with fluent motion (Water etc.)

Medical Notes: **ERROR**

After Frames was left abandoned by their parents, they had no one to be rebellious to other than themselves and so decided to do everything bad. After spending the majority of their teens drugged up and living on the streets, they made a deal they will forever regret. This deal has caused them to have the same effective of losing frames between movements. They always seem almost frozen, though will jump to a later “frame” should they be moving. This does not affect their speech, though their mouth does not move when talking. Due to them not being completely frozen, they are still able to move items

As a side effect of the illegal B-Type 2187 drug they have taken, their entire body is in black and white. Since this drug was in limited quantity, it was taken down easily and is yet to be recreated.

They created T3RA, their own custom robot dog, so that they could have a pet which they could easily stroke, given that they can not move their hand in a stroking fashion.  T3RA is able to calculate where Frames’ hand is going to be after each skip so that they can be stroked properly. T3RA also helps him to eat, given that he is incapable of lifting food and delivering it to his mouth easily.

Frames is currently living with Luella Reeves due to a promise she made to him back in High School, with her OCD allowing for that promise to still carry out. Frames sometimes fills in for Luella at her job, where she owns a pet store below her apartment, though most customers are not pleased with Frames appearance, along with his attitude to their reactions towards him.


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