Handcrafted Dreams

I hope this becomes a thing some day.

Handcrafted Dreams would essentially be some kind of website or store which you can go to, and they will make you have a certain dream. This could be the same dream over and over, so say for instance there was a dream which you loved so much that you wish it was recurring, then they’d give you something to allow for this to happen. It could also stop certain types of dreams from occurring, such as nightmares or anything related to certain topics. You could even pay them to forge your own reality within your dream, literally write a story to become your dream. Naturally, they’d stop people from making horrifying dreams etc, else the business would turn bad with pranksters and bullies.

I’d like to write nice dreams for people,  whether they’re ones that I’ve had, or nice things that I’ve come up with. Maybe show people interesting concepts. Perhaps even make games inside of dreams, which would beat virtual reality since they have full control and the person is in no way limited to the dream, they can do what they like within it.

I like to think that it would start to become a way of sending messages to people. Say, for example, for someone’s birthday you gave them a little dream bottle of some kind, and it makes them dream of a happy memory they once had with you, and at the end of it the dream tells them ‘Happy Birthday’. Perhaps someone is feeling down, so you do pass over a happy dream to them. Perhaps someone needs to revise, so they put all of their notes into a dream so that they can revise from in there.

It would create a new form of media for the world, instead of books or movies, you could add dreams onto that list. Picture walking down the aisles of a shop, with thousands of tiny bottles all labelled with different kinds of dreams. Even being able to walk around a shop like that and glance at every label would inspire anyone. To prevent everyone from constantly being asleep, though, there should be a way of making the time within the dream last longer than time in real life. Not only would this allow for people to dream more, but it lets people live an even longer life in their dreams along as whilst awake.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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