“Hold that thought!”

I spun around on my hover boots, looking at Liam who was traipsing behind me on later models of my own pair of boots as we strolled through the busy crowds of New Covent Garden. We were halfway through our conversation as it was, so he clearly wanted me to temporarily hold my thoughts as he pressed pulled the lever to signal the flow of hovercars to stop. Sparks flew up through the pole, until eventually reaching a small balloon-shaped object which levitated and flashed a red light towards the crowd. As for my thought, I pulled out my Psychopacker and pressed it against the side of my forehead, from where a trail of translucent blue liquid started to descend from where the device was pressed against, where I then contained it using a plastic vile. After sealing the area of my forehead, I passed the vile to Liam, which was in fact a physical form of the thought I had had when Liam asked me to hold it, allowing for him to take it from me. When Liam noticed that I was passing him the vile, he turned to me slowly and said “What the hell man! That’s disgusting!”


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