Ever known this type of person?

You know the one I mean.

They are the person who you think of when asked if something else is nice. You compare the other thing to them. Perhaps you are being asked if a building looks nice, and if the person you think of is tall, and the building is also tall, then you start to find the building nice.

The person who you can’t imagine a better version of. A sweeter version of. A kinder version of.

This is that person for me.


From underneath their grey hood, their twirling hair trickles out from the shadows and seem to continue forever downwards, the light highlighting strands to help assist her stunning looks, with their fringe swiftly swaying to one side. Magnitudes of the shade of purple at the tips of every strand from where their hair was dyed last. Their blush is more beautiful than any blood moon that this Earth has ever seen, which when accompanied with their grand smile, all your problems become mute, and your happiness breaks through its cage and shines. With eyes that contain every translucent particle of every ocean swirling around, causing your mind to flutter. Skin so soft, you feel you could sleep against it for an eternity. Hands which cutely fold against their smooth chin, holding their perfect head in place as it supports their matt black thickly rimmed glasses.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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