Drift Road Stores

I tried to go inside the other day, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Drift Road Stores is more commonly known as Raj’s. Raj is possibly one of the nicest men you will ever meet. Granted, he will get your name wrong and call you ‘Ron’ instead, but it was always in a charming way. I used to go there most days after school, chanting “Can we go to Raj’s” from the back of my mother’s car.

It was rare that I ever bought anything other than a gobstopper, or the notorious fun snaps of my generation. For those of you who don’t know, fun snaps were little pieces of paper with some untasty stuff inside, about the size of a spitball, which when thrown against the ground would make a bang noise. I used to collect them, with them possessing a bowl on top of our kitchen cupboard, though once I dropped the bowl, it seemed wise to place them closer to the floor.

I always used to look at the section next to the entrance which was full of fake gag products, such as fake cigarettes or fake vomit. Whenever I had chosen what I wanted, which given my small variety in choice didn’t take very long, I would wait for everyone else to choose by spinning this around.

I hear your wife runs the shop now, which is both a positive and a negative I guess. I’m going to miss being called Ron. On the bright side, you moved the barrel of sweets up to the till so that my mum was more likely to see them and buy them for me. I never asked for anything other than what I would usually grab, it felt wrong to break from the pattern.

It’s weird how the smallest people in your life can make you so happy, and you never realise that they are doing it. I’m sure everyone has a small quirky person which they rarely see, though when they do it’s the best few moments of their time. Hold on to these people. As sad as it sounds, and sorry to bring a sad end to this post, but some people are very good at hiding the fact they have cancer, and those people still go on with a smile on their face, continuing making everyone happy.

Thanks for reading.

: : Ron ❤ : :


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