Barbers Dunkelman

So today, after officially leaving school at 1pm, about 2 or 3 hours after my final lesson as I was with some people, and I decided to treat lil’ ol’ me to a haircut. I go inside and, first of all, this place is an absolute horror. There is paint peeling off of every surface, everything looks old and tattered. I go and sit down on the leather seat, which are probably more duct tape than leather at this point, and then wait for the guy in front of me to finish getting their hair cut. They were both insanely quiet to each other, not speaking at all besides from the occasional “Is this long enough” etc (are you proud, I didn’t make a weiner joke. Oh). I’m kind of a fan of this kind of haircut, and it occurs to me that you must be insanely good with your social skills in order to be a barber person. You need to be able to identify if the persons whos hair you are cutting is a chatty person or would rather stay quiet through the entire interaction, and you need to be okay with whatever they are. The barber wasn’t an insanely chatty person who doesn’t shut up even though you clearly don’t want to talk, nor are they the kind of give one-word answers to everything you ask and then completely ignore you. They were a good barber in general.

So it’s my turn, and I ask for “a generalised neaten”, or something with possibly worse terminology. So, me being me, I stay quiet, and it’s cool. They’re not the kind of person who’s awkward to be quiet with, they have a nice nature about them that makes it calming.

Part way through the haircut, they reach their arm across my vision, blocking the mirror and thus forcing me to stare at their arm. If I had to say, I would say that she had cut her arm slightly above her elbow towards her hand, and the neat rows would say it was on purpose. I then took a moment to think, maybe they didn’t want to actually be quiet, given that it snapped in my mind that they looked unhappy about it right now and with the other person. Part of me wanted to console them, try and make them feel okay, but I knew that as a stranger I couldn’t. I sort of panicked though, and I knew I couldn’t stop myself from saying something stupid… So I said…

“Good to know I’m not the only one who’s still playing Pokemon GO…”

And then she stepped back, did that weird jazz hands thing that barbers do when they take a moment to step away and talk to you in the mirror, and they looked momentarily happy.

I had noticed that she was wearing the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet on her arm, and from then on, we had a really swell conversation, talking in part about Pokemon GO, but the conversation flew really well. It didn’t feel forced at all, and all through it they started to look happier and happier.

So, when the haircut was done, a small part of me wanted to hug them but you’ll be thankful to know that I didn’t. I’m still a stranger after all. So I paid for the haircut, and they said “I’ll see you around” in a really polite voice.

I hope I made her day a bit nicer by sparking a conversation about something she liked. They’re really sweet and I hope they remain it.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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