A Journal of Impossible Things

The other day, I found an old journal of mine. Don’t misunderstand this part though: it is not written by me. Fans may have already recognised what I am talking about just from the title, but there was an episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor’s memory was wiped (David Tennant at the time) and he became John Smith. In that episode, he had dreams constantly of his wiped memories, and wrote them all down in this little journal.


It reminded me of the day I bought it, as it came with a sonic screwdriver. I waited for ages in a queue inside Argos, holding my nans hand. I was about 10 so it was probably acceptable to do so, I wasn’t 49 and holding my nans hand… Then we went into some kind of home run cafe and sat in the far back, where I tore the packaging off and dived straight for the book, spending all of our time in there staring at every page, mostly ignoring the sonic screwdriver. I mean, who didn’t have a sonic screwdriver, the journal was where it was at. This was also when I got the fobwatch from that episode, though it was made of plastic. Whenever you opened it, it would emit a light and emit the sound from the episode, though I’m fairly sure you could turn this off and use it as a normal fobwatch. I loved it, and would still be using fobwatches if it was accepted to as a person of my age. Because I didn’t want to use it in public, I simply detached the chain from it and wore that instead, typically around my wrist, until my parents eventually confiscated it from me.

Someone also got me a time turner from Harry Potter once, the one which Hermione uses. Due to its resemblance of a fob watch, I once again detached the chain and wore it. I’m happy to say that I still take it with me everywhere, and my parents aren’t aware. It’s nice to be reminded of childhood memories like this.

Thanks for reading

: : Ruby ❤ : :


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